Ultrasonic heat meters and automatic data acquisition systems


About the company

ZIMMERSTEC manufactures energy-efficient equipment for heat metering and control. Thanks to unique technological solutions and our own developments, we offer our customers modern multifunctional ultrasonic heat meters. The ULTRACAL 201 heat meter operates reliably in real-world conditions, is easy to set up and pays for itself quickly.

    Providing automatic remote metering of heat and water
    Own laboratory and technical service
    Qualified employees with over 10 years of experience in the field of heat metering

Ultracal 201

Ultrasonic heat meters

  • Possibility to change the installation location to a "supply" or "return" pipeline

  • Dynamic temperature measurement cycle
    - 2/60 s

  • Frequency of coolant flow measurement - 2 s

  • IR-optical and M-Bus communication interfaces 

  • Available archived data - 36 monthly values

  • Lithium battery life - 10 years

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